What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of life that inspires healing through the spiritual practice of ceremony, ritual and celebration. Shamanism is the path that leads the soul home to wholeness and balance of the mind, body and spirit through the creation of an intimate relationship between the soul and the spirit world. The Shamanic Practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness through the heart beat of a drum or rattle in order to channel, communicate and interact with the spirit realm. It is in this altered state of consciousness that the Shamanic Practitioner will gain access to the unseen spirit world to seek healing guidance, empowerment and wisdom. This communication will help you to take care of yourself by activating your innate healing potential to restore power, health and wellness.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice, and it is NOT a religion. It is the world's oldest cross-cultural spiritual practice and predates organized religion. The healing energy of Shamanism complements any belief system, faith, creed or healing modality.

What You Can Expect in Your Shamanic Healing Session

Debbie will send you the initial Shamanic Healing Intake Form prior to your session. This will provide her with essential information about your healing needs. Debbie will also seek advance permission to complete an initial journey on her own to gather information from your spirit helpers. At your session, Debbie will go over your intake form and provide you with any information that was gathered during the initial journey. You will relax, fully clothed on the floor or on a message table. Debbie will engage in ceremony by smudging, drumming, rattling and calling in her spirit helpers. She may lie next to you and touch you along the side of your body during the healing session to gain a deep connection with your healing spirits. The session may last for one hour or longer. The results of the mind, body and soul coming into balance may be felt on an energetic, physical and/or emotional level leaving you feeling energized, happier, tingly, tired, thirsty, emotional, relieved, restored, balanced and grounded.

Shamanic Healing Services

Power Retrieval—Retrieving a spirit ally (like a power animal or guide) for protection, support and retrieval of your potential power. 

Soul Retrieval--Returning healed parts of ourselves that dissociated from us because of some form of trauma.

Shamanic Extraction--Removing/clearing stuck or painful energies that may be thought-forms or past-life injuries.

Psychopomp--helping deceased loves ones safely cross over. 

Spirit Releasing --sending to the Light lost souls who may have become attached to you.

Ancestral Healing--Clearing unhealthy patterns that run in your ancestral line and are affecting you.

Past-Life healing--Clearing patterns that come from a past life event that are affecting your current life.

Property cleansing --cleansing any residual, unhealthy energy patterns from your property.

Earth Rhythm Wellness - Code of Ethics

My Ethical Promises:

My role as a Shamanic Healer is to serve as a communicator between the physical and spiritual worlds through various rituals, ceremonies and visualizations.
My Purpose:  My purpose as a healer is to serve all beings for the highest good of all.  I honor all beings, peoples and paths as sacred.  We are all connected.  I seek assistance from Spirit to promote health, wholeness, restoration of one’s personal power in mind, body, spirit, relationships, emotions and environment for the highest good of all. 

Ethical Promises of Care

⦁ I promise my clients I will provide professional behaviors of reverence, trust, honesty, courage, generosity, integrity, equality, humility, competence, and compassionate respect regardless of race, sex, cultural, national, political, religious or ethnic origin.
⦁ I will respect my client’s beliefs, values, customs, choices and coping mechanisms.
⦁ I promise to offer care from an infinite field of love and compassion.  My clients have the right to know that healing comes from a divine connection with SPIRIT.
⦁ I promise to work in the best interest and well-being of my clients and myself for the highest good of all.  
⦁ I view all of existence as sacred and connected; therefore, I promise I will remember that we are connected to the sacred SPIRIT of every being – and I will continue to build healthy, working relationships with “every being – to include plants, animals, four legged, two legged, winged people, creeping – crawling people, stone people, fish people, the four directions, and the elemental people” for the purpose of the greater good.
⦁ I promise my clients I will do the necessary work to be power filled in order to be an effective, competent healer.
⦁ I promise I will continue to educate myself for the benefit of my clients.
⦁  I promise my clients that confidentiality will be held to the highest standards.  You can expect to be treated with respect, dignity, sensitivity and compassion.
⦁ I promise my clients that I will assist them only when asked or given permission to do so.
⦁ I promise my clients that I will not interfere with the direction of their own path.  Interpretation of one’s own journey provides healing and growth.
⦁ I promise my clients they will be equal partners in the healing process.  They must take responsibility for their own healing. 
⦁ I promise to teach the difference between healing and curing.
⦁ I promise my clients “I” will make appropriate choices with the information given in any healing session.
⦁ I promise my clients I will refer my clients to other approaches when necessary.  My practice will not be considered the “be all end all”.
⦁ I promise my work will be limited to the person seeking help.  I will only provide information and healing to those who have given me explicit permission to do so. 
⦁ I promise to be mindful of speech and actions and their impact on building relationships both in the present and through time into future and past.


Shamanic Healing Fees

⦁ One Hour Shamanic Healing Session: $55.00 or http://paypal.me/earthrhythmwellness/55

⦁ Distant Healing - $55.00 payment can be made through PayPal at: http://paypal.me/earthrhythmwellness/55

⦁ Evening Appointments Only

Shamanic Workshops & Drumming Circles to be announced


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