I (Debbie) was first introduced to Eliza White Buffalo when I read the first book in Eliza's trilogy: The Two Roads.  This story resonated with me on so many levels, and I was called to connect with Eliza.  I had no idea at that time that I would become the very first practitioner attuned to The Two Roads Light Foundation's Photon Light Therapy!  

I am blessed and honored to work with Eliza White and the healing Spirit Team of The Two Roads Light Foundation. You can learn more about Eliza's work and foundation at

What is Photon Light Therapy?

Photon Light Therapy is a distant 10 day work in co-operation with a team of spirit neuro-scientists, shamans and physicists in the spirit world. Photon Light Therapy is a healing modality developed by Eliza White Buffalo over 16 years, and is now offered with Debbie Miller of Earth Rhythm Wellness.

Photon light therapy offers assistance in healing the mind, body and spirit

Photon Light Therapy can help to heal a wide number of spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical imbalances.  The healing team has focused on the following areas of imbalance:

depression – anxiety – panic attacks – dissociative disorders – phobias – stress – smoking, alcohol and drug dependency – personality disorders – neural disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease – auto-immune disorders such as Irritable Bowel Disease – Fibromyalgia and other pain disorders – eating disorders – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How was Photon Light Therapy Developed?

Photon Light Therapy was developed over 16 years of Eliza’s communication with the spirit world.  It began with Eliza being trained to hold other souls energy within her own energy field in order to administer healing directly into the nervous system.  It also proceeded from the beginning with the education of Eliza in the awareness of the process of life and the steps of creation.  Eliza also had to be trained to focus each step accordingly, and to have faith and trust in the higher self, and in the spirit team and Creator Source, in order to relax and step aside in her lower conscious ego. Then Eliza had to be educated in the workings of the mind – what photon light was – how the photon belt stands between God structure and human structure, and how the photons can be used to destroy mental constructs and act as a bridge to the other side.  Eliza also had to have knowledge of human biology, the sympathetic nervous system, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, and light work.  Eliza has trained and attuned Debbie to this communication, knowledge and energy. 

In 2015, Eliza was first asked to assist in the process of Photon Light Therapy.  She was approached psychically by the spirit of Dr. Sigmund Freud, the renowned Austrian neurologist and founder of Psychoanalysis.  Freud had a plan to help living souls and at the same time lift his own soul into the light of his highest intelligence.  He approached Eliza, who had studied his work many years before as a student of psychology, and in response to her questioning his methods he told her:

What I was doing then I did not fully understand, and so I misdiagnosed many decent women of sound mind.  I diagnosed them with having psychotic neurosis when in fact many of them were simply victims of poor mind control and emotional pain.  The thing with neurosis is this: over a long period of time tension due to poor mind control ( poor mental health) can cause inflammation of the nervous system.  In your words, Eliza, the two systems of ‘cognition’ and ‘synoptic reaction’ become ‘out of whack’ – imbalanced, and therefore my dear, the latter becomes out of control when it was the prior that needed work.  Many of the ladies I diagnosed were too late for cognitive therapies and needed serious neural therapy.  You have many names for this condition now, many syndromes.   I am sorry for that, and for you too, my dear Eliza, although you clambered your way out of this terrible situation by yourself.  I do remember your arguments for and against my work.  I must say you have a greater mind than I had.”

Freud now is one of the leading souls that oversees and performs Photon Light Therapy from the celestial realms of light.  There are many neuro science individuals, mental health individuals too, that work to assist, with surgery and or cognitive training.

How does Photon Light Therapy work?

Photon Light Therapy developed by Eliza White of The Two Roads Light Foundation, works on the whole psyche.  Beginning with the unconscious part of you, that part of you that knows what is best for you, and allows every little natural mechanism of the body to perform without you even having to think about it.  The work begins in the unconscious that knows what is in imbalance somewhere down the line of your subconscious and conscious life.  The work then seeks to placate and open the subconscious so it accommodates changes according to the unconscious higher self.  This in turn, through your efforts too, will allow your conscious mind to receive and live the higher wisdom and happiness and all round knowledge of well being that your unconscious rules.  We don’t have to think about what is best for our body to survive…it just does…thanks to the unconscious.  You do not have to know HOW to digest food to live – you just do.  You do not have to know HOW to bring oxygen to your organs, you just do.  And you do not have to know HOW to feel well and happy…you just can when you allow the unconscious to flow with the knowledge of well being and happiness.

Trauma is when something occurs that threatens the well being that is naturally yours.  This threat is dealt with in the moment, through the body’s natural defenses – flight of fight.  But when the trauma is not released, but is held by tension, the flight or fight syndrome continues on, and it is this misuse of the body’s natural defenses that causes anxiety – mental unrest, and in turn – emotional unrest.  A trauma can be seemingly ‘stuck’ in the subconscious memory of the person, causing a flight or fight reaction to every moment, instead of a healthy flow from the unconscious to the conscious, and so the sub conscious can become a barrier to the unconscious’ knowledge of happiness and well being.

The procedure works through the respiratory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the circulatory system.  It seeks to placate the nervous system enough to allow a new thought process to begin, stimulating the production of endorphins, and bringing the body out of the high alert state of defense, and into a more peaceful balance of mind body spirit and emotion.

The work is in stages and there are five stages :  

Isolation  – the team begin by holding your energy field in a kind of vacuum of light which helps them to administer the photons of light directly into your cranial cavity glands. A light serum is used to entrain your glands’ receptivity towards the frequency of the photons.

Accommodation – the team then proceed to align your sensory organs to a higher frequency in order for them to be able to accommodate the photons.

Hydration – electrons of receptive energy begin to surge into your nervous system in order to balance the positive photons

Oxygenation – The exercises provided then stimulate a healthy blood flow with plenty of oxygen, and the nerve endings are supplied with healthy neuro-transmitters in order to give the body the chemicals it needs to heal.

Completion.  The person is taken out of Isolation and returned to an ordinary state of consciousness.  

What do I have to do? 

Photon Light Therapy is energy medicine that is accomplished through distant healing.  This means that you will not have to leave your home for the healing work to be done!  

The healing is done once a month because it takes 10 days for the healing to go through the entire process.  Once you are signed up for a round of Photon Light Therapy, Debbie will begin to send you emails with instructions for breathing exercises and visualization exercises.  You will also be sent a recording to listen to before you go to sleep at night. The time commitment on your part is minimal taking 10-30 minutes per day.  

Although you will sign up for the healing with a group of other participants, you will not be engaged in group work.  Debbie will work with the Spirit Team on an individual basis for each person.  Your experiences will be personal and yours only!  You should not base your healing on the experiences of others. 

It is very important to understand that YOU are an essential part of this powerful healing team!  You must be accountable and responsible for you own healing at all times by actively engaging in the process through your open heart and mind and by completing the exercises provided to you during the 10 days of healing. You must be certain you are ready for healing and that you want healing to occur.  

What people are saying

Amy was grateful for her Photon Light Therapy experience: "I feel more in control of my life with less anxiety, better sleep and honestly I think it made it easier to stick to a healthy diet which was a nice but unexpected side effect.  I didn't know what to expect, but this gave me a sense of peace and self awareness that I haven't felt in a very long time. It helped me feel more grounded and confident in my ability to move forward in life.  Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely! Thank you Debbie. This was a wonderful experience that's hard to put into words, but very powerful." - Amy G. - Canton, NY

Sandra wanted to share this: "Thank you Debbie for the unique opportunity to participate in your very first PTL workshop. It was quite profound in so many ways. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone interested!  Do I think this is right for everyone? I would say yes, if they are ready to go deep and allow the process to work. Being sensitive my experiences may have been somewhat different than what others in the group might have experienced yet the end result is the probably quite the same. You feel lighter, your heart is more open and joy feels your being. PTL really has helped me. I let go of "stuff" some of which I thought I had previously bid farewell to but I soon discovered I had not. I am delighted to say I have now. Debbie was always there to offer her gentle support and her beautiful energy. Today I feel, for loss of words, lighter and so much more open. The Universe has responded as my calendar is filling with clients. I am beginning to pull myself out of a self-induced rut. It is possible to be in one and not even realize it. I do recommend PTL, yet I am really not confident in explaining it to others. Down the road I would consider doing a Part ll  to PTL." - Sandra S. - Adams, NY

Paula had this to say about her Photon Light Therapy experiences: "Debbie, I am grateful to you! Honesty is one of the things I got out of this: a clear message to walk my truth, be honest (kindly), and BE ME!


  • At times I felt a bit weird, a feeling that if I was one to get anxious then I would have been anxious. My body just felt whacky like something needed to settle. This would be a physical thing as well.

  • I was struggling with a few life issues / challenges that were making me need to change and grow. The insights gathered during this 10 days have helped to move this transformation through me, ground me into it, and make me realize I am going to be just fine. Created a sense of steadiness inside myself.

  • I feel in a stronger space to just be me. I am using this energy to make changes in my business and personal life.

  • I have had a very gentle blast re-opening or bigger opening of my intuition. I was feeling "stuck" for some time and the flow of my intuition is starting again. I am getting the flow of articles and books to write coming through into my "head space" again. Not that I will write them all but it is there.

  • I have also noticed a more centered calmness when I meditate / journey. I am not feeling like I need to get moving instead of staying still and sinking into the inner calm & quiet. This is nice because always feeling antsy when doing my meditative journeys drives me crazy. I have more patience waiting to open for the answers I journey to ask.


  • Digestive tract settled down.

  • I had very strange physical sensations during the breathing exercises.

I am more grounded in myself and my purpose in my life. I feel more energetic, less tired (I was feeling like I was dragging ass in the AMs when I woke up which is not like me at all), and more vibrant from my toes to top of my head. Like alive and tingly! I would recommend this others if they are in the space to make change. " - Paula Y. - Hands on Health

Diane stated: "I would definitely do the Photon Light Therapy again now that I know what to expect in the way it works. My Experiences: Changes I experienced during this experience Physically: body detox right from first session; loose bowels, body hot off and on over first few days; especially my hands arms and legs. By day 3 I felt amazing; renewed energy, uplifted more than I had felt in months! Day 4 I seemed to go through another physical detox of loose bowels and headache. Day 5 Felt great! again more spurts of overall energy and mood very upbeat! Tried something new for the first time on this day ; kayaking. Had great sustained energy all day! Day 6 I woke up VERY calm! This hasn't happened in years! So well rested and CALM...One night during this session I slept  so well I never woke up for a thunder/lighting storm with pouring rain- that has never happened in my whole life. That was amazing! Emotionally: Right from the start I wasn't sure I could go on with the therapy, The detox hitting me right off upset me and I questioned whether the timing was right for me. Sooooo proud of myself for staying with it!! When I got the days of high energy and uplifted moods I felt unstoppable! I often found myself saying I am going to live my life now! Emotionally I began to feel stronger and more confident. Although I still have emotional cries from time to time. This therapy showed me that my true self is within somewhere and I felt normal more so than I have in a long while, and this gave me renewed faith that I am making positive changes in the right direction. That is extraordinary!! Mentally/Spiritually: During this process I did have strange and some upsetting dreams. Listening to the celestial white noise for me was amazing! It was beautiful and the 10 minutes would pass by so quickly... I had no trouble with the beach visualization either.  I did need to rest a few afternoons during the therapy to help process. My senses all seemed to be heightened as well.

Other Comments: As you know with me working through anxiety for sometime now, I seemed to have a lot of questions as I began to experience uncomfortable sensations...  Overall PLT has definitely helped me! I have had some positive changes during the 10 days. So pleased with having more energy and overall feeling better and happier. I'm so pleased and proud that I did it and would not hesitate to do it again for more healing. Even though the detox part was unpleasant, I understand it is extremely helpful to the process! You did an amazing job with this Debbie for the first time through and I' m so grateful for your patience and understanding through all of the PLT!! " - Diane A. - Canton, NY

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Debbie will inform you of the date of the next round. 

Eliza's Dream -The foundation is a NON PROFIT and seeks donations to assist with the creation of a Crisis Center.

The Two Roads Light Foundation is registered as a limited company and has a chartered accountant responsible for the legal handling of all monies.   

The fund is to open a larger space from which WE can regularly help with a drop-in center with readily available help on hand for everyone regardless of race, creed or indeed financial status.

It is my dream that a space will be rented or acquired, which will accommodate many therapists and counsellors, giving of their time and expertise without huge fees, and that perhaps we can have a one day a week event where many healers gather to help all who congregate with them.

The dream began in my 20’s when I was desperate and lonely, needing help and having nowhere to turn to.  I vowed back then that one day I would provide available help for anyone in need of counsel and comfort.  May it be so!"


Can this help me have more confidence?

Answer: Photon Light Therapy can help you release what is blocking you from moving on with your projects, goals, and help you to find the voice to express your desires, so yes.

Can this change my pattern of depression and suicidal thoughts?

Answer: Hopelessness is a thought frequency ingrained in the soul often over many lifetimes of difficult experiences, and usually empowered through trauma.  Trauma is when something occurs that threatens the well being of the mind and body that is naturally yours.  This threat is dealt with in the moment, through the body’s natural defenses – flight or fight.  But when the trauma is not released, and is held by tension, the flight or fight syndrome continues on.  The nervous system is in a constant state of high alert, and it is this misuse of the body’s natural defenses that can culminate as a cycle of hopelessness.  When a soul is on high alert it will constantly be mindful of number one – something being terribly wrong, and number two – a lack of help to change it.  Depression then can be seen as the soul feeling desperate to get off the roundabout so to speak, and every so often it will inevitably come around to the hopeless place causing suicidal thoughts.  You can think of Photon Light Therapy as ‘getting you off the roundabout’.

Can this help my family too, my children? 

Answer:  Through healing the mind, releasing all that blocks a healthy nervous system, and thus a healthy body, the world becomes brighter, with more hope and joy, and peace follows.  When we live in peace within ourselves our children are greatly affected, and they are learning how to live in peace through healthy attitudes.  Also, and more intricate to the spiritual state of your mind, is the fact that what you put out into the universe is mirrored back to you in those you have relations with.  Another way of looking at this is:  where you have two sources of energy, and one is a higher frequency than the other, over time the higher frequency will entrain the lower frequency to follow suit, and the lower frequency will rise.  So if a woman heals her mind and puts out a high frequency into her relationship, her partner will eventually be entrained towards that too.



This is good to read. Scientists have discovered that the hippocampus gland in the brain is responsible for the production of anxiety cells that result in the hypothalamus gland becoming over anxious. In our language = my healing team taught me that the hypothalamus gland is the ego gland and emotional response comes from there. Now, the hypothalamus ( ego) would be just fine and dandy with taking its cue from the all knowing pineal ( God self) gland IF the hippocampus didn’t get in the way that is  the hippocampus is a little bugger in my book – it is basically saying to the pineal – ” oh no, this soul is not capable of dealing with that lovely high frequency of love and all knowing – so I am going to save it a lot of fear and threat of death by stepping down that lovely frequency into something less.” Ha ha ha – so the hippocampus is our guard really – when we experience trauma or karma it regulates how much spiritual flow and frequency we can cope with without freaking out or spontaneously combusting  The little bugger is blocking our healing!!!

What Photon Light Therapy does is – shines the photons of light on the hippocampus in particular, and in the words of my healing team, it placates the hippocampus and allows the higher frequency to come through. At the same time, the photon light therapy is opening the subconscious memories of trauma, karma etc…. which means the nervous system is getting a flood of old energy plus the higher energy to destroy it at the same time. Good news as it means healing old unconscious fears for good. And the unconscious knows just how much of the subconscious a soul is ready to open – happy days!

And that’s not all: photon light therapy not only opens the subconscious and placates the hippocampus, but it also promotes the production of neurotransmitters ( pain killers) and the right hormones needed to balance the nervous system. Our nervous systems now can get very unbalanced due to pills. What pills do you know of have no side effects? But don’t get me started on that ha ha.



The content of this webpage contains the beliefs of me, Deborah L. Miller of Earth Rhythm Wellness and Eliza White Buffalo of The Two Roads Light Foundation. Much of it is taken from our spiritual closeness with our spirit guides; therefore, the content should be taken as our personal truths and not as proven fact.

Eliza White has gifted us with her personal experiences gained through channeling Black Elk, and this has affirmed for me that we are one with all beings and things permeated by the Creator’s Divine Light. I will forever be grateful for the knowing of oneness that Black Elk has inspired within Eliza, and the beautiful divine teachings he has passed through her so that others might better tread the sacred path that leads to the One Source of All Life, or God The Eternal One. I stand upon this statement and feel no need to defend the truth it contains.

Deborah L. Miller, Earth Rhythm Wellness in affiliation with Eliza White Buffalo of The Two Roads Light Foundation